Free Teaching Materials

Natalia works with her young students and her own children to create fun and engaging materials for teaching music to children. And whether you are a professional teacher or an enthusiastic parent, you are welcome to use them!

Why Music?

Why Music - book cover

Once I too was a child, making my first steps on  playing piano. To help your child on their way of learning to enjoy music, I have published a book and my own children helped me to illustrate it. 

Video Materials

Musical Fish – Musikalische Fische

Created by Etienne & Alma Barenboim and their mum N. Pegarkova-Barenboim (in German)

Let's Go to the Concert! – WIR GEHEN INS KONZERT!

Illustration by Lisa Templiner (2019)
Concept and text by Natalia Pegarkova-Barenboim (in German)