Natalia’s first teaching experience goes back to her years in education when a friend asked for a piano lesson because they wanted to learn their favourite song. A student of the Gnessin Music School at the time, Natalia was often frustrated that she had to practice her piano for hours while other children could play. But a request from a friend made her realise – not only she had a skill people admired but she was also able to pass it on.


I don’t aim to make a concert pianist out of each of my students. But learning to play a musical instrument helps to develop so many skills, such as coordination, communication, adaptability, decision making, that you cannot help but benefit whether you become a doctor, a writer or a pilot.

Throughout her career, Natalia has been an outspoken advocate for the music education accessible to all, especially children. She is currently teaching music theory and piano at the Cosmopolitan School in Berlin, supported by the Daniel Barenboim Foundation. She also has an extensive private teaching practice. Natalia is working on a series of children books Wir gehen ins Konzert! introducing classical music to children in an accessible and playful way aiming to support various educational outreach programmes in Germany.

You can use free aid for teaching music to children created by Natalia and her family (in English & German).